How set Avast Antivirus for Auto-scan?

how set avast antivirus for auto-scan
Performing antivirus scan manually is risky because of the mistakes made by the users. The user usually made a very common mistake while performing scan like skip one scan that can lead to dangerous situations. Running an antivirus program such as Avast security software helps you to ensure that your computer device and other that is running an antivirus program is free from malicious content, virus etc that can damage your personal and business data and files. Avast antivirus allows you schedule a scan on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Once you schedule a scan on your computer device then it will automatically scan your computer device for the virus, malware, and other adware at a specific time. To have more brief detailed info regarding the antivirus program you better Avast Customer Support.

Below we have discussed the method to set Avast antivirus for the auto scan, but it needs to perform perfectly otherwise it can lead your device to the damaged situation. You can perform such steps on your own but in case you failed to do so then simply contact Avast Customer Service to have instant help from the experts.
  • Firstly launch the Avast user interface
  •  After this, you need to click "Antivirus." If the windows do not open by default then you need to Click "Scan Now"
  •  Click "Create Custom Scan" located in the bottom right corner of the window
  •  Here you need to click "Scheduling” and then click the box next to "Schedule this scan"
  • From the “Schedule Type drop-down” menu and any options for the scan in the Scan Scheduler section you need to select the frequency of the scan
  •  After this, you have to set up the time and day of the scan in the “Schedule” section
  • To save the changes that you have made in the scheduled scan Click "OK.
how set avast antivirus for auto-scan
However, if the above-stated workaround does not help you to complete the process of scan setup, then dial our toll-free (1-800-439-2178) helpline number to Contact Avast Customer Service.The service is offered in a way to help the customer of Avast with complete online support and the solutions. Here the customer would get quick help with each and every possible solution on their fingertips
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