How to fix “Firefox Not Starting” Issues with Avast Antivirus

As an entrepreneur, if you are using Avast antivirus to protect the computer devices in your office and the data stored on their hard drives, the security software might block Mozilla Firefox. Avast can diagnose Firefox as a possible threat, so the antivirus file shield will restrict the application and does not allow it to start. To troubleshoot the issues you need to add the Mozilla Firefox folder to the Exclusions list. Avast antivirus protection solution does not block the applications and sites that are added to the Exclusions list.  Below we have mentioned some steps that would help you to add the Firefox to the Exclusion list, if you find any difficulty while performing the procedure, Contact Avast Customer Service to get instant help and support from our experts.

  •         Here first you need to double-click the "Avast" icon in the system tray to launch the Avast window
  • ·      Then you need to click the "Real-Time Shields" tab in the navigation pane at the left and then click the "File System Shield" item
  • ·      To launch the File System Shield Settings window, you have to click the "Expert Settings"button in the right pane
  • ·      Click "Exclusions" to navigate to the list of exclusions, click the "Add" button and then the "Browse" button
  • ·     Next, you need to select the "Mozilla Firefox" folder and click "OK" to add it to the Exclusions list. Mozilla Firefox is installed in the "Program Files" folder on the system drive by default
  • ·      At last to save the changes that you have made you need to click “OK” you need to click "OK" and  then save the new settings and then close the Avast window

For any other kind of help regarding Avast antivirus, you better call on our toll-free Avast Customer Service Number- (1-800-439-2178) that is available 24/7 round the clock for the customer so that the customer can connect our technical support service quickly without any interruption. 


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