How to Setup Log File if Avast Antivirus Fails To Install?

When you report that Avast antivirus failed to install on your computer device, you might be requested to deliver a setup log file for further analysis. Here, you could easily run the setup log from the Avast Setup wizard after getting notified of the error, after this, you have to copy it to Notepad and save it as a text file. For more detailed information and quick support, you can contact Avast Customer Service Number.

Avast Internet Security Support Number
How to Setup Log File if Avast Antivirus Fails To Install?

Try to follow the steps given below in the tutorial to get the setup log file so that Avast support can help in order to fix the issues-

Get the setup log file:

  • Here you have to first click “View setup log” to launch “Log Viewer”
  • After this modify the Prolixity setting in the bottom-left corner to Debug. After this click “Copy to clipboard”
  • Launch Notepad and then click “Edit”. Choose “Paste” in order to insert the setup log data that you have copied before to your clipboard
  • After this, click “File” and then choose “Save as”
  • Now, save the text file “SetupLog.txt” and then exit Notepad
  • Further, simply return to the “Log Viewer” and click “Close”
  • At last, compress the setup log file by using a file compression utility (*.zip), and then send it as an attachment

    For more help and guidance, directly contact at Avast Internet Security Support Number (1-800-439-2178). The number is available 24/7, where certified and skilled professionals will help you over a call without wasting your time. Technicians of our customer service strive to deliver the best support quickly.


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