How the Auto-Protect Feature of Symantec Antivirus Works?

Avast antivirus is one of the best antiviruses to protect your computer devices from malware and other virus infections is a continuous job. Attacks of spam or malware could occur anytime, so it is important to have antivirus program software liked Avast. The antivirus program includes a feature called “Auto-Protect”. The feature helps in detecting files in real time to prevent infection between full scans of your computer device. Below is the tutorial, you come to know about the working of an Auto-Protect feature of Symantec Antivirus.  For any help and guidance, feel free to contact at Avast Helpline Number.

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Anytime a file is retrieved or modify in any way – either it's opened, saved or moved -- Auto-Protect simply scans the file to make sure that no malware has devoted itself. This allows for improved protection between full virus scans and catches infections earlier.


The auto-protect feature is developed by four types of protection. The first one is for the file system, which aspects for changes in the files themselves as you run or changes the files. Another is the Internet, where Auto-Protect scans all emails.


Auto-Protect gives you four ways to deal with it when it encounters an infected file: cleaning, quarantine, deletion or leave alone. Cleaning is an option that gets used when you want to save the infected-ridden file but delete the malware threat. Quarantine is used for infected files to prevent their completing. Infected files can also be deleted


Symantec cautions that full scans can use up a lot of computer resources and can affect the performance of the computer. Since Auto-Protect is typically scanning only one file. On, Auto-Protect doesn’t replace the full scan.

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