Why Pop-Up Keep Appearing once Avast "Malicious URL Blocked"?

Avast Antivirus, Web Shield runs your Internet activity and blocks URLs which are dangerous sites before getting installed on your computer. This protects your devices from any kind of risk of infection from these sites. A malicious URL warning will usually pop up once and then get back. If Avast antivirus security software continuously shows the same warning, here you need to take a step to make sure that your system is not already compromised and then double-click your Internet activity.  Along with Avast Customer Support, it grips the high compatibility for the security software users.

Avast Antivirus Technical Support Number
Why Pop-Up Keep Appearing once Avast "Malicious URL Blocked"?

Legitimate Blocks:

If you're visiting the same website each time then the warning will appear, the site may contain some dangerous and malicious content. Verify an online reputation site, like Web of Trust's Safe Browsing Tool, for the reputation of the page you were using. Despite this, if you have the warnings pop up on sites you predict to be secured, these sites may have dangerous content displaying inside advertisements. Here the one thing that can help is writing to the site administrator with your warning information will help them track down the issue.

Fake Warnings:

Most of the malware programs download fake antivirus software onto your computer device. These kinds of programs show a warning that mimics real antivirus pop-ups in an attempt to extort customers for a solution. Some of these fault antivirus software use the Avast name to appear legitimate. If you are not sure that the warning you are getting is real, you need to try uninstalling the program, downloading a safe copy from Avast's official website and reinstalling it.

To clarify your doubts and any sort of issues, directly contact the experts through our toll-free Avast Antivirus Technical Support Number (1-800-439-2178) to have a satisfactory solution and best knowledge about Avast antivirus. The number is available 24/7 round the clock so that the customers could easily get quick support over a call.

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