How to use Avast to Disable SSL/TLS in Outlook-Windows 8 Support

The Avast antivirus software could scan both incoming and outgoing emails in order to protect your computer device from malware attacks. However, in case your email account uses encryption protocols like the secured sockets layer or the transport layer security protocols, then you need to edit the mail account settings of both Outlook and Avast before being able to scan those messages with the antivirus application. Here, you can do this on your own or call experts at Avast Tech Support Number for the same. 

  • Here, you need to begin with opening Outlook and launch the “File” tab. Then you are required to click on the “Account Settings” icon and choose the "Account Settings" option.
  • Launch the "E-mail" tab and then click on the mail account that you wish to Avast to be able to access. 
  • Now, simply click on the “More Settings” button located at the bottom-right of the window and open the "Advanced" tab.
  • Open “Avast” and then click on "Real-Time Shields" in the left-hand pane. Here, you need to choose "Mail Shield."
  • Then, for the further preferences, you are required to click on the "Expert Settings" button.
  • Choose "SSL Accounts" from the left-hand window. Now, to the POP3 and SMTP servers used by your mail account, you have to choose the same encryption ways as the ones listed in Outlook. If either your POP3 or SMTP server does not require an encrypted connection, choose "None" from the drop-down menu. At last, you have to click "OK."
  • At last, launch Outlook again and then disable all encryption methods in order to enable the access to the account you want. Choose "None" from both drop-down menus in the same window to disable the encryption procedure. After this, you are required to click on "OK" to confirm your new settings.
In order to have more help and guidance regarding any kind of problem and support regarding Avast antivirus, feel hassle-free to call on Avast Antivirus Customer Service Number (+1-800-439-2178). The toll-free number is available 24 hours, where the skilled and well-trained technicians are always ready to deliver quick support as quickly as possible.

How to Fix Avast Antivirus Issues on Windows?-Avast Tech Support

Avast antivirus is one of the renowned antiviruses that prevents your devices against online threats and other malicious content. Avast is enriched with smart features and functions that deliver the best security to the customers. As a user of Avast antivirus, if you are running it on your business Windows OS, then it might be possible that you encounter some technical problems. One of the frustrating issues of them is when Avast does not recognize the Windows system files as part of the operating system and tries to delete them.  For this either avail Avast Antivirus Technical Support from experts or solve this problem on your own. 

There are lots of different problems that you might face while running Avast antivirus on your Windows OS. Some of them are like Avast won’t start Avast antivirus won’t update, ‘Process Trust’ Error during Avast Installation and many more.

Follow the tutorial to find the some of the best solutions to deal with the Avast problems-

Case 1: Avast won’t start:

In case, Avast antivirus is unable to load or fails to start, then you should try to repair the software. Here, you need to go to “Start” and then type “Control Panel”. After this open “Control Panel” and go to the programs, once you complete this, simply uninstall the program. Now, you have to choose “Avast” and then select “Repair”. Once you complete the process and then restart your computer device.

Case 2: Avast Causes Black Screen on Windows 10:

Most of the users have reported the problem of installing Avast on Windows 10 leads to black screen issues. This is a very uncommon issue, but if your face this problem, then try the following solution-

First, you need to click on Avast icon in the taskbar and then open Avast user interface. After this, go to the “Settings” tab, further go the “General” tab. Here, go to Exclusions options and then click add. After this add C:\Windows\Explorer.exe,’ and ‘C:\Windows\ImmersiveControlPanel\SystemSettings.exe. Now, simply restart your device.

Moreover, to have more help and guidance, contact at Avast Antivirus Customer Service Number – (1-800-439-2178). The number is offered for each and every customer who is in search of reliable help and quick support.


How to Scan and Remove Viruses from Computer by Avast Antivirus?

Some of the sophisticated virus and malware hide on our computer when you turn on your computer. Even antivirus is also prevented from seeing and scan such virus. If you believe that your computer is infected or infected with some sorts of virus and malware, then it is better to contact Avast Antivirus Customer Service in order to have reliable and quick support on your fingertips. There are lots of reasons due to which your computer get infected and you are not even aware of it.

Moreover, Avast antivirus offers you some solutions for such kind of situations. All you need to do is scan the virus present on your computer and then remove by Avast antivirus. In order to start the process, you need to create Avast Rescue Disk that will scan, detect, and then simply remove the virus and malware. This antivirus software would attack a virus from outside of your computer in order to catch the virus before it hides.

Follow these steps, to begin the process:
  • Launch the Avast user interface.
  • After this, choose “Tools” from the menu selection on the left. Then click “Rescue Disk.”
  • Now, you need to select a media type that you want to use; an empty USB flash drive or a recordable CD/DVD.
  • At last, go with the directions. The process of creating the rescue disk takes only a few minutes, all depends on the speed of your computer and internet connection.
After this, Avast Rescue Disk wizard will take you through the steps in order to scan for malware on your infected computer. Here, you could select to scan your entire computer or could choose specific folders or disks.

Once you found the threat, there are two options that remove the virus -
  • Avast antivirus cold removes the malicious code automatically, but if it fails to repair the files, they will be deleted automatically.
  • You can select the files manually, you have the choice to repair selected files or delete selected files. Once you are finished with the process, you may require starting another scan. You may choose to work with the files manually. You have the choice to repair selected files or delete selected files. After you're done, just to be on the safe side, you may want to start another scan.

 For more details and Avast Antivirus Technical Support , you must contact the experts via toll-free (1-800-439-2178). The number is offered for each and every customer who is in search of quick and reliable assistance for their Avast product.

How to fix Avast Antivirus Error 42139

There are times when you might encounter error code “42139” with Avast antivirus. The error message could appear during the installation of the program, Avast Software related program is running, during startup or shutdown of Windows operating system. More information regarding the error code is available at Avast Antivirus Customer Service.

It is predicted that when the error 42139 appears, it crashes the active program window. Due to the error, computer system crashes frequently with error 42139 when running the same program. Windows might runs sluggishly and start responding slowly to mouse or keyboard input and more.

The workarounds to fix the error code with Avast is given below that would help you to overcome the problems quickly-

Repair Registry Entries Associated with Error 42139:

In order to repair your Windows registry manually, you need to generate a backup by exporting a portion of the registry associated with error 42139-
  • First of all, you need to click the “Start” button.
  • In the search box, type "command."
  • Hold down the CTRL-Shift on your keyboard, and then hit “ENTER.”
  • Here, you will be prompted with a permission dialog box, click “Yes” for further preference.
  • Now, you will see a black box with a blinking cursor.
  • Next, type "regedit" and hit “ENTER.”
  • Select “Export” from the File menu
  • Select the folder where you want to save the Avast backup key in the save list.
  • Type a name for your backup file, in the File Name box.
  • Now, make sure that the “Selected branch” is selected and then click “Save.”
  • The file is then saved with a .reg file extension.
  • Finally, you will have a backup of your Avast! Antivirus-related registry entry.

The above-stated solution steps are easy to follow. On the other hand, you can also have Avast Antivirus Technical Support via toll-free (1-800-439-2178). Here you will get quick help from the certified engineers and professionals who are skilled with high technical knowledge and have great experience in resolving a lot of issues. 

How to Fix when Windows 10 Action Center Doesn’t Recognize Avast?

One of the most often issues that appear with Avast antivirus on Windows 10 is when the Action Center does not recognize Avast. If this problem appears, then possibly you might get some pop-up messages at the right side of your screen that will look like “Windows Defender and Avast Antivirus are both turned off”, or “Windows did not find an antivirus program”. Luckily there are reliable and easy solutions for the problems that will help you to overcome the problem quickly. Moreover, you can have Avast Tech Support from the trustworthy helpdesk where you can have instant guidance. 

The first thing that you should try is to disable Avast antivirus and then re-enable it in order to force Windows 10 to recognize it-

  •  Firstly, you have to right-click on Avast icon in your taskbar
  • Then, go to Shields control and select “Disable” for likely 10 minutes 
  • Further, simply enable it again in the same way, and choose to Enable all shields

Here, you have one more workaround to deal with the problem; all you need to do is-  

  • Begin with the right-click on the “Start Menu” and then select “Command Prompt”  
  • Then you have to type “winmgmt /verifyrepository” and then hit “Enter”
  • Type “winmgmt /reset repository” if you are getting If you get ‘WMI repository is consistent -no problems detected,’ type ‘winmgmt /reset repository’ and press Enter
  • Type “winmgmt /salvagerepository”, if you get “WMI repository is inconsistent -problems detected,” and then press “Enter”
  • At last, simply reset your computer device
On the other hand, if you need any other help or Avast Antivirus Customer Support then contacting at toll-free (1-800-439-2178) helpline number is the better option. Here you will get support under the supervision of trained and certified engineers who are skilled with high technical knowledge and experience.


Common Issues with Avast Antivirus-Tech Support

Avast Antivirus is one of the best security products of "ALWIL Software". It is one of the first security companies that appear with advanced features and lots of beneficial functions. The software has become the leader in delivering security solutions in multiple sections around the globe. Furthermore, the security software is now offered with complete Avast Antivirus Customer Support from experts.

However, the security software is developed with smart functioning and is designed in order to deliver fast and reliable security to your devices. It protects your devices from the virus, Trojans, spyware and another sort of online threats. But, sometimes, it might show some sort of errors due to which the security program might not work properly. Below we have discussed some of the error and its possible solution-

Not Enough Storage:

“Not enough error” message is a common problem with Avast antivirus. It appears when the database has not been updated for a month or there might be no fresh installations on some platforms. The problem usually appears on older versions of the Microsoft Windows OS. In order to resolve the problems, you may require downloading the full current Virus Definition database and perform a complete install. You need to make sure that you have set up the security software to the automatic daily updates for smaller downloads.

Vista Issue:

Avast antivirus is very subtle to rouge antispyware programs. Once you install on the Vista OS, you might face an undefined error message. When this problem appears, it shows that there is a rouge antispyware program installed on the computer device. Here you need to go to “" and then download the free rouge remover tool.

Furthermore, you can have more information and Avast Antivirus Technical Support by giving a call on (1-800-439-2178) toll-free helpline number. Here certified engineers and professionals are available to deliver quick and reliable support over a single call. The toll-free number is accessible 24/7 so that the customer could get instant solutions on their desk.


Fix Avast Installation Error Caused by Corrupt Setup Files

Package Broken or Not a Valid Win 32 Application error appears whenever you run Avast antivirus installation, due to an incomplete or incorrect download of the program. One of the steadfast simple troubleshoot is to download the setup file again. But if the similar error appears then you need to check the integrity of the Avast antivirus setup file that you have downloaded to check if the file is corrupted. Despite this, you can also contact at Avast Tech Support Number, where you can find more brief help.

Follow the steps to check whether the file you have downloaded is corrupted or not-

  • Firstly download your Avast Antivirus setup file from the following links and then save it to your computer where you want to
  • After downloading your setup file, you could easily compare its MD5 hash with the correct one using a third party MD5 checksum utility
  • Now, verify the integrity-

  1. You have to click the “Browse” button on the right and then launch the Avast antivirus setup file 
  2. Further, copy the suitable MD5 hash and then paste it into the Hash field and then click the “Verify” button
  •  If a pop-up message indicates that the MD5 hash matches

Otherwise, you can also take help from the technicians of our customer support services by giving a call at toll-free Avast Antivirus Customer Support Number (1-800-439-2178). By this number, you will reach high technology solutions and methods that help to resolve issues quickly.       

How to use Avast to Disable SSL/TLS in Outlook-Windows 8 Support

The Avast antivirus software could scan both incoming and outgoing emails in order to protect your computer device from malware attac...