Fix Avast Installation Error Caused by Corrupt Setup Files

Package Broken or Not a Valid Win 32 Application error appears whenever you run Avast antivirus installation, due to an incomplete or incorrect download of the program. One of the steadfast simple troubleshoot is to download the setup file again. But if the similar error appears then you need to check the integrity of the Avast antivirus setup file that you have downloaded to check if the file is corrupted. Despite this, you can also contact at Avast Tech Support Number, where you can find more brief help.

Follow the steps to check whether the file you have downloaded is corrupted or not-

  • Firstly download your Avast Antivirus setup file from the following links and then save it to your computer where you want to
  • After downloading your setup file, you could easily compare its MD5 hash with the correct one using a third party MD5 checksum utility
  • Now, verify the integrity-

  1. You have to click the “Browse” button on the right and then launch the Avast antivirus setup file 
  2. Further, copy the suitable MD5 hash and then paste it into the Hash field and then click the “Verify” button
  •  If a pop-up message indicates that the MD5 hash matches

Otherwise, you can also take help from the technicians of our customer support services by giving a call at toll-free Avast Antivirus Customer Support Number (1-800-439-2178). By this number, you will reach high technology solutions and methods that help to resolve issues quickly.       

How to Setup Log File if Avast Antivirus Fails To Install?

When you report that Avast antivirus failed to install on your computer device, you might be requested to deliver a setup log file for further analysis. Here, you could easily run the setup log from the Avast Setup wizard after getting notified of the error, after this, you have to copy it to Notepad and save it as a text file. For more detailed information and quick support, you can contact Avast Customer Service Number.

Avast Internet Security Support Number
How to Setup Log File if Avast Antivirus Fails To Install?

Try to follow the steps given below in the tutorial to get the setup log file so that Avast support can help in order to fix the issues-

Get the setup log file:

  • Here you have to first click “View setup log” to launch “Log Viewer”
  • After this modify the Prolixity setting in the bottom-left corner to Debug. After this click “Copy to clipboard”
  • Launch Notepad and then click “Edit”. Choose “Paste” in order to insert the setup log data that you have copied before to your clipboard
  • After this, click “File” and then choose “Save as”
  • Now, save the text file “SetupLog.txt” and then exit Notepad
  • Further, simply return to the “Log Viewer” and click “Close”
  • At last, compress the setup log file by using a file compression utility (*.zip), and then send it as an attachment

    For more help and guidance, directly contact at Avast Internet Security Support Number (1-800-439-2178). The number is available 24/7, where certified and skilled professionals will help you over a call without wasting your time. Technicians of our customer service strive to deliver the best support quickly.

Steps to Turn Off Avast for Defragmentation

During the time of disk defragmentation , a system process is there which gathers and returns the files to their default locations in order to improve speed and performance, Avast Antivirus Security Suite could interrupt the system process. So to perform the task of disk defragmentation, it is important to turn off Avast antivirus until the Windows finishes the process. When you turn off Avast, the scanning and detection feature which monitors malware and other system functions is disabled. This decreases the risk of issues while the disk defragmentation process, but on the other hand, it also leaves your business vulnerable to attack from viruses and other malicious content. For more information, avail Avast Customer Support from experts.

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Steps to Turn Off Avast for Defragmentation

Try to follow the given steps in order to turn off Avast for Defragmentation-

  • First, you need to locate the Avast Antivirus icon on the taskbar in the notification area and then simply right-click it
  • After this, you need to scroll down the right-click menu 
  • After this click "Avast shields control, after which a new pop-up menu will get open
  • Choose the time period till you want to disable Avast Antivirus. 
  • After this, you need to click the "Yes" button to confirm and save your changes

In case you have any query or trouble, you can take help from our team of experts and certified engineers by giving a call on toll-free Avast Antivirus Tech Support Number  (1-800-439-2178). Experts in support services are capable and incredibly consistent to deliver quick and high-quality support on your desk.

Why Pop-Up Keep Appearing once Avast "Malicious URL Blocked"?

Avast Antivirus, Web Shield runs your Internet activity and blocks URLs which are dangerous sites before getting installed on your computer. This protects your devices from any kind of risk of infection from these sites. A malicious URL warning will usually pop up once and then get back. If Avast antivirus security software continuously shows the same warning, here you need to take a step to make sure that your system is not already compromised and then double-click your Internet activity.  Along with Avast Customer Support, it grips the high compatibility for the security software users.

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Why Pop-Up Keep Appearing once Avast "Malicious URL Blocked"?

Legitimate Blocks:

If you're visiting the same website each time then the warning will appear, the site may contain some dangerous and malicious content. Verify an online reputation site, like Web of Trust's Safe Browsing Tool, for the reputation of the page you were using. Despite this, if you have the warnings pop up on sites you predict to be secured, these sites may have dangerous content displaying inside advertisements. Here the one thing that can help is writing to the site administrator with your warning information will help them track down the issue.

Fake Warnings:

Most of the malware programs download fake antivirus software onto your computer device. These kinds of programs show a warning that mimics real antivirus pop-ups in an attempt to extort customers for a solution. Some of these fault antivirus software use the Avast name to appear legitimate. If you are not sure that the warning you are getting is real, you need to try uninstalling the program, downloading a safe copy from Avast's official website and reinstalling it.

To clarify your doubts and any sort of issues, directly contact the experts through our toll-free Avast Antivirus Technical Support Number (1-800-439-2178) to have a satisfactory solution and best knowledge about Avast antivirus. The number is available 24/7 round the clock so that the customers could easily get quick support over a call.

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